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Home of group & specialty placing AKC chihuahuas!

GCH CH Knockout Captain America
BOV at the Chihuahua Club of Greater Phoenix, 2015! Thank you, Lorraine Boutwell!

GCH Max & his future champion son, Destiny's Boy Wonder (5 months old here).

"To their virtues be vigilant and to their faults
a little blind.
" -Nigel Aubrey-Jones

>> Click here to read the AKC Standard for the Chihuahua. <<

Knockout Chihuahuas is located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains just outside of Durango, Colorado. We are a wife/husband team; exhibitors and breeders of AKC registered chihuahuas. Each litter that we breed is bred with the intent to produce our next healthy show prospect that is a wonderful and sound representative of the breed. Our true love is the smooth coated chihuahua but we occasionally may have long coats.

Our chihuahuas are health tested
(visit our health testing page for more information) and we are committed to continuing to do so. Our puppies are born in our bedroom and raised in our livingroom with many trips out and about as they grow to introduce them to the world. They are handled from birth, loved, and socialized. This gives them a great start whether we are raising our next show puppy or your new family member.

Our lines are merle free and we do not breed merles. We do not breed for any of the 'rare' colors. Our personal favorites are creams, fawns, and golds, and for the most part this is what color our puppies are.

We seek to breed beautiful standard looking chihuahuas that are classic in type and temperament. We compare our chihuahuas to the AKC standard through AKC conformation showing.

We are available worldwide by e-mail at If we don't respond within 48 hours please send another message as the first didn't get to us.

Some of our latest & greatest wins in the ring!

GCH Knockout Captain America

Specialty BOV under judge Lorraine Boutwell!
November 2015

Knockout N Destiny's King Of Hearts

First major, first time in the ring. Harry now has both of
his majors and is being held out finish in the new year.
We are really enjoying this little guy :)

If you live in the Durango area and are looking for a vet that will treat with compassion please give Dr. Claire Lodahl a call. She does a wonderful job helping us keep our adults healthy and bringing our c-section puppies into the world! She also health checks each puppy before we place it in its forever or show prospect home.


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